Why do schools exist?
Why do parents send their children to school?
Why do learners go to school?

As parents and educators, we are taught to believe that schools exist to expose learners to situations that are physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually challenging, while preparing them for future adult life. We don’t always consider the factors that contribute to effective learning or how learners can best be prepared to face life’s many challenges.

Our Emotionally Safe Schools programme addresses the above and effectively prepares not only the educator and the learner, but also the parent or guardian.

Learning only takes place when a learner feels emotionally safe.

Let us tailor-make a programme that suits your school's needs and creates an environment that is emotionally safe for your learners and educators and conducive to effective teaching and learning.


For more info email Naftaly at info@emotionallysafeschools.co.za
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