1. Educator's workshop
The teacher's level of Emotional Intelligence is by far the single most important variable in creating an Emotionally Safe Classroom.  An effective, successful teacher is largely one who can handle his or her negative feelings in an authentic, real and healthy way.

2 x 3 hours workshop sessions help the educator to:
  • Have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own emotions and impact thereof on learners as well as the learning process.
  • Appreciate learners’ physical, social, mental and emotional development.
  • Behave in ways that leave learners feeling stronger and more capable.
  • Take a guiding and supporting role in the learning process.
  • Stay in touch with what learners are thinking and feeling in order to motivate and energise them.

2. Emotionally Safe Classroom Workshop
This includes strategies for every educator in the school, to create a value-based, emotionally safe whole school environment where learners can experience role modelling of good values and where they are taught, and practiced.

The result is an emotionally safe climate in every classroom and in turn throughout the whole school where learners are valued for who they are by every educator, and where learning and teaching of emotional and social skills are the way of life.  In this way, learners can experience positive emotions in every classroom and are therefore able to learn better in all subjects.  

2 x 3 hours workshop sessions help the educator with strategies to help learners:
  • Take responsibility and own their learning process; set objectives / goals; plan on how to achieve the objectives / goals, and monitor their progress.
  • Motivate themselves do their best.
  • Monitor and manage discipline issues.
  • Integrate positive values in classrooms and school.

NB:  This would be accompanied by an experiential programme for the learners to learn, practice and assimilate the desired behaviour.

3. Emotionally Safe School Environment - “It takes a  village to raise a child…” This means engaging the wider community effectively in the process of creating an emotionally safe school environment.

2 x 2 hours workshop sessions involving all stakeholders to explore and implement ways of:
  • Adopting and 'living' the school's vision and mission.
  • Being positive role models to learners.
  • Minimising, managing and solving challenges that come from outside the school.
  • Making the school a winning school in every way.


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