Meet our facilitator, Naftaly Ngugi

Naftaly’s background includes a combination of teaching, mentoring, experiential education and counselling, spanning over the last twenty five years. He has conducted team building and personal development workshops in a variety of venues from boardrooms in cities to the roof of Africa! - Mt. Kilimanjaro, the ultimate team building experience!!

Naftaly is an educator and an experiential education facilitator by profession. He taught in high school before joining Outward Bound (an international experiential education organization renowned for working with people from all works of life to effect behavioural change).

For more than 12 years Naftaly worked for Outward Bound in Kenya, the U. S. A and South Africa in various capacities - facilitating outdoor experience to; corporate managers, university and school students, marginalized youth/youth at risk, special care groups and international groups, to managing one of the centres in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa.

Naftaly is currently a project manager at Pamoja Experience and is involved with designing, developing and facilitating team building, leadership, personal development workshops (that include Emotional Intelligence, creating Emotionally Safe Schools, Anger and Conflict Management) as well as giving motivational talks. The clients that Naftaly has worked with include; government employees, company executives, scholars, miners, educators, small & medium businessmen and women.

Naftaly also organises, manages and leads expeditions up Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya as well as safaris to Eastern and Southern Africa.  He has climbed/led over 40 climbs up Mt. Kilimanjaro and over 50 climbs up Mt. Kenya with people from all corners of the world – ranging from Company CEOs in Europe and the USA, University professors, lecturers and NGO directors in the UK, Europe and South Africa, to journalists, lawyers, students, housewives and army cadets.

During school holidays, Naftaly volunteers to manage holiday camps for children and youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds The camps focus on personal development, teamwork, leadership and personal discipline.  The camps have been running for the last 10 years and have worked with over 1500 children and youth.

Naftaly Ngugi wishes to acknowledge Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee, (founder of Teleos Leadership Institute, USA), pioneers in Emotional Intelligence & renowned authors whose work form the foundation of this experiential work.


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