• Are your learners happy and want to be at school?
  • Do your learners respect themselves?
  • Do your learners willingly and readily show respect to other people?
  • Do your learners care for and support other learners?
  • Are your learners able to take responsibility for their learning and development?
  • Are your learners hard-working and self-motivated?
  • Are your learners able to manage and resolve conflict amongst themselves?
  • Are your learners able to achieve their academic and extra-curricular goals?

  • Do your educators create a warm atmosphere in the classrooms and school so that learners can open up?
  • Are your educators assertive and elicit respect from learners?
  • Is the relationship between educators and learners based on respect or fear?
  • Do your educators generally exude a happy or content mood?
  • Do your educators understand the unique differences between children's learning abilities and pace of learning?
  • Do your educators understand human behaviour and childhood development?
  • Do your educators develop creative methods to motivate learners to perform?
  • Do your educators exude an aura of authority and affection?

  • Does your school have a clear vision and mission, formulated and understood by all stakeholders?
  • Do all stakeholders ‘live’ the school’s vision and mission?
  • Is there order and organisation in your school that is understood and appreciated by all stakeholders?
  • Are all stakeholders involved in the decision making process?
  • Is your school physically clean?

If your answer is no to any of the above questions, please contact us to tailor make a programme that will suit your school.


The Emotionally Safe Schools programme:

Empowers learners to take responsibility for their own learning and development. Learners are self-motivated, self-disciplined, responsible, committed and dedicated to the learning process.

Improves the relationship between teachers and learners There is care and mutual respect and the teacher is seen as a guide and support in the learning process.

Teaches values in schools. Leading from inside out.  Key social and emotional skills required in life.

Improves individual and overall school results, both academic and all extra-curricular activities. Learners are self-motivated to work harder and support their colleagues!

The school produces a well-rounded learner. A successful person who can make a valuable contribution to their community and country at large. 


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